Painting is fantastic. I love it! It is like having a conversation with a good friend. We listen to each other and pay careful attention before responding with consideration, spontaneity or wit. Yes, all those attitudes can and should be part of creating a painting. Watercolor paint has particular characteristics  it is affected by gravity, it granulates, flocculates, combines. scumbles and reacts like no other painting medium. It is this exciting potential that is watercolors greatest virtue and most technical hurdle.
In my classes and workshops each lesson will have an objective that I clearly state and accurately demonstrate. Ideas for lessons can be drawing accurately, painting loose, using bold color, making good composition, controlling edges  or rendering shadows just to name a few. I also advocate using value studies and do one before each painting. By the end of each day the student will have increased confidence and a better understanding of how to go about making a successful painting. I should also mention that I use a variety of subjects and will supply students with photos that I will use for demonstrations. I will often ask the class which image they prefer and do a demonstration based on their choice. They are free to use the photos I provide or work from their own.
I have been teaching watercolor painting since 2004 , I know you will learn to paint better and enjoy the process. But don’t take my word for it, look at the many testimonials from people just like you who have spent time with me. Thanks and I look forward to painting with you.


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