“I have learned much from Steve over the past five years about drawing, perspective, painting loose and using a limited pallet. Steve puts a lot into preparation for each class and gives an art lesson before his demo so that you get in depth knowledge of his process. He talks through this demo so you know his thinking as he paints.”


“Steve is a remarkable painter and gifted teacher. His class demonstrations show students how to improve their observational skills, loosen up, paint with minimal strokes and no mud. His lessons are clear, helpful, cover many topics and are taught with thoughtfulness and good humor. And his critiques are non threatening and encouraging. Given that he paints a variety of subjects from landscapes to city scenes to portraits (and everything in between) one learns the “how to” for just about every painting wish. He welcomes student input on subjects to paint as well. I highly recommend his classes for everyone and have enjoyed painting with and learning from him for several years.”



“Of the many things I learned in your class, the thing that stands out the most is your understanding of the fundamentals and how to apply them to the overall process of creating a painting. You’ve taught me that drawing/sketching provides the foundation of a good painting. In that respect, you do a great job of explaining perspective, covering the human body from head to toe, how to analyze a photo and eliminate the non-essentials and many other things. I believe that your instruction has helped me reach a higher level of achievement in my paintings. Thanks for all that you have shared with me.”


“Steve Kleier radiates positivity ! He makes you believe you can learn new artistic skills and with his guidance, you will!”


“Steve’s classes have greatly improved my drawing and painting skills so I now have much more confidence in knowing how to make a successful painting. He has the unique ability to effectively teach to a variety of skill levels in the same classroom. Everyone leaves his classes with valuable information and a strong desire to keep painting. With his positive energy and extensive art background, he instills in his students a love of art and the knowledge that we too will “get a good one.”


Steve’s successful teaching style is built on the vital principles of art and design, which he reviews as he instructs.  I appreciate his enthusiasm and expertise as he guides his students to draw and paint compelling compositions, and he comes prepared to meet his students’ different instructional needs. I can definitely recommend his classes.”


Steve is not only  a delightful genuine man but a wonderful teacher. He teaches…, Steve gives you strong grounding in the basic watercolor techniques, ,drawing , composition and values. Steve is attentive to your needs and will help you progress with your skills.”


Steve is a very talented artist in every medium. He is a teacher that knows how to explain and demonstrate the creative process. He explains as he draws then paints beautifully and quickly…we witness magic before our eyes. Steve Kleier is the best instructor I have ever had!”


Steve’s drop-in watercolor classes at OSA are a joy. Each week he critiques our work in a positive manner from the past week, gives formal instruction on a specific topic, and then paints a watercolor based on a selected photo in about an hour—much to the amazement of his students. To attend his class, is to have three hours of fun while learning how to become a better artist. He has been very important to me in my quest, rather late in life, to seriously learn how to paint. “


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class at the Keizer Art Department.  I only wish I would have started earlier in the year.  While I can watch painting demos on YouTube, it’s much nicer to have you there in person to answer questions.”


Steve’s classes are structured to cover the complete process of doing a piece of work you are proud of and he brings his creativity to every class. I always feel good about what I learn on any particular day as he takes you through composition, value and color with his demo and then lets you unleash your own ideas to incorporate with something new.”   


Steve teaches “outside the box”  which has refreshed my experience of what I “thought” art was “supposed” to be. While learning with Steve, his lessons are fun and most interesting while often providing a different or new possible approach to his subject demo painting!”


I highly recommend Steve’s classes… he so generously gives information in demos both by visual example and verbal talking, pointing out and explaining all the way through as he paints. I always wanted to take notes, but yet didn’t want to take my eyes off watching his technique. He is that interesting to watch.”


I have taken many watercolor classes in the past, but Steve taught me useful new techniques and expanded my scope into new areas, such as portraiture.  And his patient and upbeat attitude — finding value in the humblest efforts — boosts confidence and encourages students to try new things.”


Steve is a talented and inspirational artist. I have attended his watercolor classes and his relaxed yet comprehensive instruction and demonstrations are the perfect mix!” 


Steve's teaching style provides you with exposure to to not only a great teacher but 
great artist!  I enjoyed each and every class as he set the stage to learn in a comfortable 
relaxed setting!  His classes were most enjoyable!”